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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2023)
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International Journal of Oil Palm (IJOP) is a newly established scientific journal by Indonesian Oil Palm Society (IOPS), or Masyarakat Perkelapa-sawitan Indonesia (MAKSI). The journal is devoted to the publication of high quality scientific papers in every aspect of oil palm. International Journal of Oil Palm (IJOP) is an online and print-mode, peer reviewed research journal published by Indonesian Oil Palm Society [Masyarakat Perkelapa-Sawitan Indonesia, MAKSI], it provides a global publication platform for researcher, scholars, academicians, professionals and students engaged in research in oil palm industries. The main aim of IJOP is to become the world's leading journal in oil palm that is preferred and trusted by the community through publishing authentic, peer-reviewed and scientifically developed research articles of international caliber. The journal is published three times in a year, 6-10 papers per publication, and the language of the journal is English. IJOP publishes research papers in the fields of soil and crop fertilizer application, seedling preparation, cover crop management, leaf pruning, weed control, control of pest and diseases, insect pollinators management, water management, intercropping, cattle-oil palm integration, environmental studies, harvesting technology, IT-remote sensing-GPS application, mechanization, sustainability standards, policy studies, social and economic studies, smallholders empowerment, palm oil mill improvement, biomass utilization, carbon footprint, water footprint, market studies, refinery, food and nutrition technology (oleofood, food safety, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical) and also management of soil preparation, inorganic and organic safety, oleochemicals, downstream industry development, supply chain, microbiology and biotechnology based on oil palm products, bioenergy and other field or product related oil palm. The published articles can be in the form of research articles, review paper or short communications which have not been published previously in other journals (except in the form of an abstract or academic thesis/dissertation or presented in seminar/conference).